The Urban Indigenous Artist Exchange Program creates an opportunity for an Indigenous artist to travel to Canada. The exchange focusses on building networks, economic capacity, an understanding of cultural values and expanding Indigenous artistic practice internationally. To date, 3 artists have taken part in the program, the 2013 exchange program offers the exchange opportunity to an individual artist.

Canada has a long history of Indigenous recognition, with treaties signed between the government and Indigenous people (First Nations) over 100 years ago, to the commercially successful Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. Canada’s Indigenous recognition has produced strong economic benefit and placed value on artistic and cultural production. The exchange would seek to learn from such knowledge and build the Indigenous community and artistic practice locally.

Parramatta City Council has had a long commitment and relationship with our Indigenous community. Council’s major events and arts programs have included major components of Indigenous expression, particularly with events like NAIDOC week, the development of the first Indigenous Film Festival and the involvement of Aboriginal artists and performers across the events program. Parramatta City Council through the Parramatta Artists Studios is progressing to the fore of contemporary artistic production. Located in the centre of Parramatta’s CBD, in the heart of Western Sydney, the Studios offer non-residential and residential studio space to emerging and established contemporary artists, craft practitioners and creative industry professionals with the aim of supporting the development of their practice.